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Plate Heat Exchanger Service


General Features / Our Professional Plate Heat Exchanger Service

Besides production, Ekin Endüstriyel provides service for all brands and models of heat exchangers. The content of professional service is decided and applied according to needs so you can make your system reach the first day performance.

These problems may occur in plate heat exchangers:

  • Performance drop caused by liming,
  • Blockage due to possible residue and dirt coming from installations,
  • Over pressure loss related to blockage,
  • Heat transfer drop due to blockage,
  • Gasket fatigue in time,
  • Gaskets loosing leakproofing speciality,
  • Plates being deformed because of corrosion,
  • Frame deformation caused by internal and external effects.

When you have any of these problems, all you need to do is to reach the professional service department of Ekin Endüstriyel and enyoj your service.

Contents of Professional Service Package:

  • Plate supply for every brand and model.
  • Gasket supply for every brand and model.
  • Revision and cleaning of plate heat exchanger.
  • Fast and detailed cleaning of heat exchanger plates.
  • Cleaning heat exchanger plates with special chemicals.
  • Production and supply of every type of nut and pin.
  • Delivery of heat exchanger operating like it is new.
  • 7 days 24 hours service opportunity.





Plate Heat Exchanger Technology

Plate Heat Exchanger Technology

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