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About Us


"Sustainable Innovation, Quality Standardization And Dynamism"

Ekin Industrial has entered Turkey's sector of imported heat plate exchange, with its customer focused vision and dynamic, Ekin has expanded into new and upcoming investments.

One of the main steps was gaining the identity of being a producer.

With the view of "Why Turkey shouldn't become a global strength in the manufacture of product and technology." Ekin Industrial has started the production of heat plate exchange with the brand of 'Made In Turkey.'

To change the perception of local produce in Turkey, we grew in the philosophy of quality, through initially adapting to ISO Quality Management System procedures, and completed the CE security and quality certification period, and has matched foreign standards like GOST.

MIT plated heat exchanges, has now become a solution to engineering problems in the national market as well as the foreign market, and has grown through an expansion of franchises.

"Engineering Approachments, Integrated Solutions"

Ekin Industrial, with investment in MIT plated heat exchanges, and their identity of producer and engineer vision, is aiming to solve problems in the sector. To meet these views, Ekin Industrial has expanded into the production of components, sales and after sales service by employing expert engineers.

The factors that guided Ekin Industrial to success are their exceptional customer service to the needs and wants of consumers, modern facilities, and becoming partners to projects that involve high-end technology.

Ekin Industrial is an expert company which has wide product range which includes plate heat exchangers, accumulator tanks, water heater tanks, installation meterials and its service Group and submit competitve advantages to mechanical installation sector in Turkey and abroad.





Plate Heat Exchanger Technology

Plate Heat Exchanger Technology

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Plate Types

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