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MIT Plate Exchanger Gasket

Ekin Industrial has a specialized R&D laboratory with a 7 - year experience of manufacturing gaskets for plate heat exchangers. Developing its own technology, Ekin Industrial has been focused on meeting customer requirements at the highest level.

For this reason, it designs gaskets that would ensure long-lasting and high quality operation of plated heat exchangers with flexible production and flexible product development methodology.

The delivery time of our gaskets is of particular importance for us. Customer service is above the cost saving policy within our production approach. For this reason, we stock the raw materials and finished goods used in the production line.

Reducing the operation costs of your heat converter is among our goals. In need of an annual plan to optimize operation costs, MIT Gasket is ready to help.

The qualifications that high quality heat converter gaskets should have are as follows:

  • Custom Molded Production
  • ISO 9001 Certified Laboratory
  • International Cooperation
  • System Development Appropriate for Special Needs
  • 12 months warranty against all manufacturing defects





Plate Heat Exchanger Technology

Plate Heat Exchanger Technology

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