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Our Main Focus


About Us / Our Main Focus

Ekin Industrial, with investment in MIT plated heat exchanges, and their identity of producer and engineer vision, is aiming to solve problems in the sector. To meet these views, Ekin Industrial has expanded into the production of components, sales and after sales service by employing expert engineers.

Heat Transfer Department

Fluid Transfer Department

  • Domestic Pumps
  • Hygienic Pumps
  • Process Pumps

Hygienic Flow Equipment Department

  • Stainless steel connection equipments
  • Tank Equipments
  • Hygienic Process Equipments

The factors that guided Ekin Industrial to success are their exceptional customer service to the needs and wants of consumers, modern facilities, and becoming partners to projects that involve high-end technology.





Plate Heat Exchanger Technology

Plate Heat Exchanger Technology

MIT Plate Heat Exchangers, the rising star of Plate Heat Exchanger market, takes heart from the design team which gives continuous support. read more..

Plate Types

Plate Types

These plates are used in standart applications such as, supplying hot utility water, low pressure steam applications and site heating. read more..